Goal of Establishment

  • Train the excellent students in the area of research and development of information technology as well as the design of e-learning content.
  • Train students with the capability in designing, implementing, and planning the instructional materials with e-learning content.
  • Promote the development for e-learning technology and information technology industries.
  • Be engaged into research and development, and promotion services in information and learning technology
  • Cooperated with the government policies of economy and development as well as development of high-tech industry in Science-based
  • Industrial Park and of e-learning content industry in Nankang Software Park to foster the elites with having capabilities of information and learning technology

Development Directions

We are planning our development directions toward to the integrations of information technology and e-learning.

  • Computer Networks and Information Systems
  • Knowledgebase and Database
  • Artificial Intelligence and decision Support
  • Digital Multimedia and Decision Support
  • Cognition Science and learning
  • e-Learning Content
  • Learning and Educational Technology