• 182 Exploring the Impact of Game-based Learning on Students' Creativity from the Perspective of Interest, Relationship and Opportunity - FULL PAPER
    Zhou Jin, Yingxin Li and Chien-Liang Lin

  • 207 Design Methodology of Bebras Thematic Game - SHORT PAPER
    Yan-Ming Chen, Ju-Ling Shih and Shaun-Wen Chen

  • 211 Personality Matters? Learning Behavior Analysis of Complex Board Game - SHORT PAPER
    Yi-Zhen Lin and Ju-Ling Shih

  • 221 The Development of EthoshuntTM to Transform Teaching and Learning Practices of Counseling Ethics Education - FULL PAPER
    Noor Syamilah Zakaria, Neerushah Subarimaniam, M. Iqbal Saripan and Alyani Ismail